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Benefits Of Using An Enzymatic Cleaner

With rising concerns about cleaners that are chemical based and can be harmful to piping systems as well as to human health or the environment, there has come about an increasing demand for biodegradable and non-toxic cleaners. One such category of cleaning products is enzyme based cleaners. These are cleaning agents that are designed for general use and comprise of certain properties that help induce cleaning in a natural and eco-friendly manner, unlike chemical based cleaners.

Enzymatic Cleaner

Composition of enzyme cleaners

Such products are created with natural enzyme extracts that help in breaking down stains, soils and other kinds of debris. Usually, strains of bacteria Bacillus are used in enzymatic cleaners. Amylases and proteases are common formulations that are used in different enzymatic cleaners including detergent formulations. Hence, if you wish to clean your clothes with an eco-friendly cleaning substance, you might want to resort to an enzyme based cleaning solution. Depending on the kind of enzyme that is used, the functions of the cleaners differ. For instance, proteases are helpful when you have to clean off stains that are created by protein based substances while amylases work effectively on carb or starch-based stains and lipolysis help to break down fats and lipids. Depending on the property of an enzyme cleaner, you can deal with different kinds of stains or dirt removal requirements.

Many informative articles warn about the use of toxic or chemical based cleaners to unclog drains as these adversely affect the bacterial makeup of septic tank systems. Enzyme based cleaners will prove effective in such instances. You can keep the health of your plumbing fixtures healthy as well as keep the drains and pipes smooth and free flowing. If you wish to know more, search for bio friendly cleaners and drain cleaning agents at different portals where such products are made available.