Cleaning Products

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products You Could Use At Home

Many of us often resort to chemical based cleaning solutions that are marketed in the different departmental stores. However, these products often have chemical or toxic odors or fumes that can pollute indoor air. At the same time, using such cleaning products on home surfaces like floors or kitchen counters and tiles can prove harmful for children who touch such surfaces or when food items come in contact with such surfaces.

If you wish to remove the possibility of contaminating your home air and surfaces, it is best that you resort to homemade cleaning solutions and products. There are simple yet effective ways to use common household and natural ingredients to keep your home clean and sparkling.

Cleaning Products

Basic ingredients to use

If you have vinegar, hydrogen peroxide solution and baking soda, a solution made from such ingredients will help you with most of your cleaning tasks. Not only can such a solution to help get rid of dirt and stains, it will help control the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs on your home surfaces like floors or kitchen counters, tiles and bathroom areas as well.

How to use homemade solutions?

Solutions made of such basic home based ingredients can help you get most of the scrubbing work made easy. For instance, if there are spills on carpets, simply spray such a solution and leave it on for some time. Scrub off with a warm detergent solution to find that the stains have disappeared. However, to ensure that the solution works on delicate fabric based carpets, you might want to use a solution of baking soda and vinegar and do it quickly before the stains get into the fabric fibers. If the stains on carpets are addressed quickly, you will find satisfactory results.

In order to keep your toilets, free of stains, spray such a solution and allow it to stay for some time. Scrub off with hot water and see your toilets sparkling and germ-free, providing you much satisfaction that you have resorted to natural ingredients to do so.

The same solution can offer effective scrubbing of mold, stains, and dirt from a kitchen or bathroom tiles. Spray a generous amount of this solution in the areas you wish to clean and leave on for some time. This will allow the mold and dirt to be dislodged off the surfaces and reduce the effort you need to put in scrubbing off the surfaces to make them sparkly clean.

There are variations of such items as well that you could use for making homemade cleaning solutions. With vinegar as a base, you can use baking soda or salt, hot water, and lime as other possible ingredients that have powerful and natural cleaning effects.